What is your marketing costs?

I was talking to a colleague receently and he brought up this quote from Banjo Matthews, a race car driver, owner and builder that lived in Hendersonville, NC. The quote was obviously referring to race cars, but I think it can apply to more than just racing.

My name is Bo Gilbert.. Some call me ‘Bo the Webguy’ I have been involved in Internet Marketing for over 20 years. A lot of people think the Internet is FREE. In some ways it is free. You are not paying money to read this post. You are however spending ‘time’. What is your time worth? What is my time worth?

If the Internet is not doing what you want it to do.. then maybe you need to look at ways to make it move faster. I can help. Contact Bo the Webguy at Grand Strand Marketing for ways to get more exposure, reach more people.. FASTER!

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