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We are a HUGE fan of Facebook live video. From the time I first saw someone Go LIVE on facebook, I knew that this was going to be big! When it was first available, facebook only gave the option to go LIVE to certain personalities and verified accounts. This service is now available to anyone with a smartphone and internet access. Of course, not everyone has discovered the Power of going LIVE yet. I think it is the future and it is my goal to continue to learn more and increase exposure for our clients through this new service of facebook.

Facebook LIVE versus Periscope

We were excited to see periscope when it first launched. Unfortunately, being a Android user, I had to wait for the app to become available. It initially was only available on the Apple IOS devices.As soon as I was able to get the app, I experimented with periscope. I was unable to get a lot of people to watch it. It was to see the views, but I wasn’t getting enough to invest a lot of time in the app. In my opinion facebook LIVE is a much better service than periscope. Since it works on the facebook platform, it seems to do much better on the pages. Using the successful fb pages for our clients, we have seen a BIG HIT very quick.

Facebook LIVE Video Embeds

beachmusicliveOne of the coolest features we discovered was being able to embed facebook LIVE videos on websites. I built a website to feature LIVE Videos of Beach Music Concerts in the area. Check out BeachMusicLive.com and browse some of the early videos I posted from Band of Oz, Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band, Jim Quick & Coastline. The videos we recorded at the Carolina Beach Music Festival in June reached hundreds of thousands of beach music fans over a 7 day period.

I really do appreciate the feedback and excitement expressed to me from the comments on these videos. Please keep liking them, sharing them and leaving comments. I know the bands and venues appreciate the reach and exposure they are getting through these LIVE Videos that we are posting.

Changes at Facebook – Researched and Resolved!

Within the last week (starting June 22nd, 2016), I noticed changes in the LIVE service. Specifically the facebook embed tool. Facebook has made a tool available to embed videos on websites, but LIVE videos recorded after June 22nd were affected in a way that was preventing them from showing up. It took me about a week to research this topic and I finally figured out how to get it to work like it was before facebook made their changes. Just when you think you have figured how to do things, facebook changes it up!

If you have questions about facebook LIVE, use the comments form below and I will do my best to answer your questions based on my experience over the last few weeks of using the service.

Quick Tutorial on Going LIVE with Facebook

I have put together a quick tutorial on going LIVE – click here for my guide on Facebook LIVE for Pages