Is webtalk the answer to managing contacts? Many people are successful salespeople because of their contacts. Being able to manage their contacts is key to success. You may choose to have online software or have something installed on your phone or desktop. I remember using a palm pilot back in the day to manage leads and contacts. Of course, smart phones have taken over and many are fine with the contact features on their phone, but some may want more to manage their contacts.

Webtalk: Step 1 was to build a better CRM

First, Webtalk needed to create a contact relationship management (CRM) platform . Then, they needed to get people to use it. They have over 1.3 million users as of today, October 31st, 2019. They have invested a lot of money to make these tools free to beta testers. Users are joining the network and helping grow the daily traffic to the website. Webtalk is not asking for money. They are asking for some of your information and asking you to share a referral link with others. If you are on the major sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest, your info is already out there on the web.  The thing I like most about the CRM is the ability to separate professional and personal contacts. I don’t think any of the major sites have done a great job helping the user in the way I see it on Webtalk.
Many affiliate marketers and business people have taken the approach to “wait and see”. Before you go any further, please know I am someone that has signed up at Webtalk and have shared the site with friends, family and colleagues. I feel it is worth my time and theirs. If it turns out to never do anything before it fades into the growing list of scams and schemes, then I will be disappointed. Fortunately, I have not given any money to Webtalk. They are not asking for any money to help them grow their user database.

Will it Generate Revenue?

They have a lot of projects in the works. If they can launch them, many will be happy for joining early and sharing the site.
  • Advertisers will come, generating revenue to the company.
  • Some users will choose to upgrade their account to use the Pro Tools (LinkedIn has done something like this) . I have never upgraded over there but I have seen some that have and they seem to like what Linkedin has to offer their subscribers on the paid services. Webtalk will generate revenue with the upgrades. I have no doubt people are going to sign up for the Pro Services.
  • Some users will choose to sell products and pay a fee to Webtalk to help with the transaction. A lot of companies do this and new companies will continue to offer commerce solutions in the future. Many commerce solution have launched and closed or been bought out. Product sales will generate revenue for Webtalk just like it does on amazon, walmart, ebay, shopify, etsy, etc.
  • Some users will choose to sell their services to other users and pay a fee to webtalk that made the transaction possible. Think of companies like fiverr or upwork. These fees will generate revenue for the company.
There are a lot of projects in the works at Webtalk with the goal to generate revenue for the company. I don’t know when they plan to launch all of these functions. I hope it is sooner rather than later, but I do want them to make sure they work before they release them. I have seen too many services not work as designed and projected failure. I feel they are doable. You may disagree. I have agreed to beta test every product that ask us to test.

Is it worth taking a look at Webtalk?

They are offering a chance to join the Webtalk network as an affiliate and get a share of the revenue they generate. It is free to join as a beta tester.  All beta testers will have opportunity to join affiliate program for free when it launches. According to the founder, you will never be required to purchase anything to qualify for commissions. You do have to sell something! DUH! You knew there was a catch right?  No one makes money until someone sells something.  I have been in many affiliate programs in my career as an Internet Marketer. Webtalk is making some big claims. They may fall short, but I am rolling the dice and betting they will become a player in the social media/CRM world and will do what they claim.
If you want to join me, you can get an invite to webtalk from me. Once you have an account, connect with me and I will help you with any questions you might have about the site. I have been on the platform and I really like it so far. 
Update 5-2023 : Webtalk Beta is Over  

What are your thoughts on Webtalk?

Let me know what you think about Webtalk below. I will try to respond with questions and concerns as quick as I can. Thanks for your time in reading this and your feedback if you choose to give it.